Wednesday, December 31

final post of the year - 2008 in a nutshell

Wednesday, December 31

well, i figured, since it's dec. 31, 2008, i should do one last post of the year.

today, i was glancing through all my past blog entries of 2008, and it struck me, i LOVE my job! there aren't many other jobs out there that allow you intimate access to one of the most important and memorable days in a couple's life. every wedding i photograph, i am granted back stage access to the love and emotion of the day. i get to see it all, first hand. i get to relive the excitement and emotion of my own wedding on a regular basis through the eyes of the most amazing couples! i get to photograph women on a day in their life where they feel truly beautiful, confident, and the center of attention. i get to laugh and cry along with the bride and groom...(and believe me, i've been known to do both!). what other job in the WORLD offers you those kinds of on-the-job bonuses??? and on top of all that, i get to go home to my other favorite job...being a mommy!

i am a very lucky person, indeed, to have found 2 jobs that make me so blissfully happy! i can only wish the same luck and happiness for others!

so, before i do a recap of 2008, i first would like to thank all the couples and families over the years who have let me be a part of one of the most special days in their life...

Thank you Rebecca and Nathan (03-03-07)
Thank you Frank and Carmel (04-21-07)
Thank you Eric and Chrissy (04-28-07)
Thank you Jonel and Rachel (05-18-07)
Thank you Lionel and Heather (05-19-07)
Thank you Ray and Caroline (05-26-07)
Thank you Ryan and Elizabeth (05-27-07)
Thank you Brett and Tania (06-16-07)
Thank you Malinda and Jamie (07-07-07)
Thank you David and Jinny (07-28-07)
Thank you Angel and Rosemary (07-29-07)
Thank you Ashish and Monica (08-02-07 + 08-03-07 mehndi and garba)
Thank you Ashley and Ricardo (08-19-07)
Thank you Adrienne and Peter (09-02-07)
Thank you Lyle and Julie (11-17-07)
Thank you Megan and Barrett (11-28-07 and 07-13-08 engagement and family portrait)
Thank you Tim and Dominique (01-25-08)
Thank you Chris and Amy (02-16-08)
Thank you Marty and Sherah (03-29-08)
Thank you Nikki and Miguel (06-08-08)
Thank you Johnathan and Kristin (06-14-08)
Thank you Jefferey and Sylvia (06-20-08)
Thank you Joanne and Robert (07-05-08)
Thank you Ric and Mea (08-09-08)
Thank you Brian and Monica (08-16-08)
Thank you Clint and Angela (08-31-08)
Thank you John and Robin (09-06-08)
Thank you J.R. and Jessica (10-11-08)
Thank you David and Rachael (12-05-08)

you all have meant so much to me, and working for you has taught me about myself and helped me define my life and my passion!

ok, on to 2008 in a nutshell...

the year started off with a BANG with tim and dominique's theatrical wedding in january.
(DISCLAIMER: my logo and image sizing/branding have changed a lot over the course of the year!)

then it was off to chris and amy's quick february wedding.

march is when i photographed marty and sherah for the first time. little did i know that i would not only be photographing them again, but that sherah would be photographing a wedding WITH me!

after that i had a bit of a break from weddings. instead, i photographed a corporate event and attended a wedding open house at the oscar swan inn.

that's also around the time i got my first new camera of canon 40D. here's one of my first test pics

the month of may i spent with my family, and designing some logo-inspired clothing.

then it was back to weddings as usual. here's nikki and miguel, johnathan and kristin, and jefferey and sylvia...

i also had an engagment session with j.r. and jessica. we got to know each other a little better before their wedding in october

in july, joanne and robert finally tied the knot. after that i got my second new camera of the year, my canon 5d. the rest of the month i was completely swamped with appointments and consultations.

i also had a chance to photograph megan and barrett again. as a wedding gift to their parents, they gave out portrait gift certificates. so we headed to the botanic gardens and got some great shots.

as my season was beginning to pick up speed again in august, i finally had my first destination wedding. here are ric and mea, brian and monica, and clint and angela.

september brought to me robin (nikki's sister), and john's wedding, as well as a new opportunity to teach a photography class at lucy's school!

october was another busy month, both professionally and personally. i taught my first photography class, photographed j.r. and jessica's wedding, as well as a free portrait session with marty and sherah, chaperoned my first school field trip, planned and executed lucy's 5th birthday party, had a super fun halloween, and got excited...only to be disappointed (in november) by the WORST tv adaptation of my favorite book series...the legend of the seeker from the sword of truth series.

in november we elected a new president and i turned 26! i enjoyed my month off, and changed my image branding a bit.

that brings us full circle to this month...december. this year has been a wild ride, and i am so happy to end it on such a wonderful, positive note. david and rachael ended the year with a bang, because i am in love with the photos from their wedding!

this year has been AMAZING, to say the least! THANK YOU again to everyone who has touched my life and my business!

i am so excited to see what 2009 has in store!!


my new year's resolution will be to blog and workout more and stress less! what's YOUR resolution?

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