Saturday, December 27

some holiday pics...

Saturday, December 27

well, the past couple days have been hectic. yesterday i'm pretty sure i was running on PURE adrenaline (and a little caffeine) because I woke up at 7:00 AM and didn't stop going until 3:00 AM. when i woke up, i immediately started cleaning like a mad woman down to the smallest detail. i even caught myself thinking, "marcia, no one is going to care that i've got clean doorknobs!", but i kept going. i didn't even stop to have breakfast! then i went grocery shopping to pick up the a few things, namely the tofurky! when i got home, i got the tofurky ready, and put it in the oven, then i put out appetizer plates full of yummy (and healthy) goodies! by the end of the night, i'm pretty sure we were ALL STUFFED!!

well, here are a couple pics from the xmas eve party, and xmas morning...

elliot + plumber's crack = xmas eve hilarity! he had it ALL night!

my mother-in-law found this home depot play painter set shortly after elliot's attempt to "help" me paint their bedroom. better he paint for pretend than for real-sies on the wall!

those eyes melt my heart every time!

our xmas tree on xmas eve, (just after santa left *wink-wink*)

my most prized decoration this year! lucy made this at school and brought it home just before winter break! i dropped it while bringing it into the house, but luckily there was no major damage.

lucy playing with their new kitchen. they "opened" that first thing, then played with it for a while before opening the other gifts.

my review of the step2 grand walk in kitchen: this kitchen is great, the kids have spent just about every waking second playing with it. PLUS it doubles as a jungle gym for elliot. the only downside is that there's not enough room to fit the mountains of play food the kids have. so i just use the target itso storage stystems for that!

well, i hope everyone had a holly jolly, happy, merry, awesome holiday season!! i'm guessing this will be my last post of the year, so have a happy [and safe] new year!

UPDATE 12/29/08:
i can't believe i forgot to add this...

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Sherah said...

My silly computer won't let the video play... but your pics are adorable! (And holy toledo--your christmas tree is incredible!) So glad you had a great Christmas :)

Thanks for the comment on the wedding post--pics of you in action are coming up next ;)

marcia tumminaro said...

sherah, that's too bad your computer won't play the video. it's a clip of lucy singing "we wish you a merry christmas" in her cute new holiday jammies.

thanks about the tree. (i'm always so critical of my tree trimming abilities.)

i hope you had a great christmas, too!

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