Monday, December 22

xmas party 1 of 3

Monday, December 22

yesterday was the 1st of 3 scheduled xmas parties.

i, (absentmindedly), forgot my camera, but luckily there was an abundance of cameras there. these two pics were taken by adam's aunt.

yes, elliot is wearing a charlie brown shirt and holding a toy gun. adam's mom had bought him some suits to wear for the parties...but elliot was having NONE of that! so, this was our plan B. lucy is looking sweet as ever in her first (of three) xmas party dress.

elliot...still playing with the toy gun. i loved this pic, though, since his head matches up just about perfectly with the charlied brown body!!!

our holiday schedule...

today was spent trying to get better, since i'm feeling a little sick and under the weather thanks to elliot! to combat my impending health situation, i worked out a little (adam swears that excercise makes one feel better when sick), and loaded up on zicam. i may also pop some dayquil and/or nyquil if things get too bad.

tomorrow is CLEAN HOUSE day. (regardless of my health situation.)

xmas eve will be the annual tumminaro xmas eve party, complete with loads of food, and the oh so fun and famous tumminaro grab bag game. adam and his brothers have been perfecting their creation of a computer application to make the game run smooth. last year's version was simplistic and archaic, but this year's version is beefy, sleek, and pretty. i'm excited to see it in action.

xmas day, we'll open presents and stay home to play with everything. (i'm so excited for the kids to open all their gifts...especially the BIG one!!!)

day after xmas, i will take on the role of hostess for a small get together with my family.

we've got a busy week, but after that i've got a nice loooooong break!

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