Tuesday, December 16

david + rachael's wedding

Tuesday, December 16

i met david and rachael back in april at the oscar swan wedding open house, and i just adore them! david is a bit of a ham with a dry wit, and rachael is soft spoken and graceful. as a couple they balance each other perfectly!

i can't go any further without mentioning how AMAZING rachael is! not only is she gorgeous, she was 100% dedicated to getting great photographs NO MATTER WHAT. (that's MY kinda bride!!!) david and rachael got married on dec. 5 and the temperature that day was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING!! rachael toughed it out and we [quickly] took photos outside. i was in 3 coats (2 hoodies and a pea coat) and still chilled to the bone! and what was rachael wearing you ask? just her strapless wedding dress. no coat, no shawl, nothing! AND she was walking around in the snow with her strappy heals!

rachael officially deserves the #1 spot in my most dedicated bride HALL OF FAME!! (sorry to my other brides!)

well, onto the photos...

here's a link with more:

check out that ROCK!

from the balcony

i love the look on rachael's face! it's so giddy!! : D

one of my favs of the outside pics. and it was colder than you think!

i can't look at this pic without wanting to go grab a blanket! rachael, you are AMAZING!!

the biggest draw of the little white chapel is the covered bridge. this shot was taken so quickly because we were all rushing to our cars to get out of the cold. but i'm so glad i took it! it's another one of my favs!

inside the limo

oh, and did i mention that the always sweet and adorable sherah g second shot with me? this was her first professional wedding, but you'd never know that from working with her!! she was comfortable and confident from the start! i hope i'm able to work with her again in the future! here we are with david and rachael...

sherah was great and fun to work with! check out some shots of her in action...

this one is my fav!

well, that about wraps up my 2008 wedding season. i had SO much fun, and met some amazingly, phenomenal, and unforgettable couples! i only hope that 2009 will be as wonderful as 2008!!!

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