Friday, December 12

winter wonderland wedding

Friday, December 12

ok, so it's been 1 week since david and rachael's wedding, and i promise to have a REAL post soon. my computer has been pretty bogged down with the editing process, which makes it harder to take a break and get pics blog-ready.

while i was moving my files from my PC to my mac, i decided to take a few pics of the gorgeous rachael and get them blog-ready. she was absolutely stunning!!

HOORAY for netted veils!!!

just WAIT until you see her GORGEOUS dress! i got LOADS of detail shots! her dress is definitely in my top 10 FAVORITE wedding dresses i've ever photographed!!

i've still got plenty of work and editing ahead of me! check back soon to see more!

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Sherah said...

Hottness :) Nice work!

Sherah said...

It's going well, but I've got a TON of work left to do! We just bought more ram for our hard drive; that should speed things up a bit ;) It's amazing how much I'm learning, just by spending so much time editing. I'm trying not to spend too long perfecting individual photos (unless I really nailed it); it's hard not to get hung up on getting a photo "just right." Gah! I'll definitely let you know if I run into any issues :)

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