Thursday, January 1

first post of the year - 2009 goals

Thursday, January 1


i hope everyone had a fun and safe new years! my family and i made the trek to roselle for a tumminaro new years eve party filled with games, scrabble, and drinks GALORE! we left belvidere around 7:00 pm, and stayed until about 1:30 am or so. and as much as i wanted to sleep in the car on the drive home, i forced myself to stay awake and keep talking so that adam didn't accidentally fall asleep behind the wheel. luckily we made it home safe and sound. and as soon as we got the kids tucked it, it was a mad dash to the bed for some much needed shuteye!

well, if you've noticed i've made some slight modifications to the blog. the most important change is that i made it wider to fit larger blog photos, and lessened the number of blog posts per page, so that it doesn't take a million years to load!

i think the best way to start the new year to to create and set goals for myself and my business. some small, and easily attainable, and some big, hairy and audacious!

overall, i'm super stoked for 2009, because i feel like i'm entering into it with a new, fresh, and positive attitude!!

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