Friday, January 2

camera phone photos

Friday, January 2

i've had my camera phone for about a year now. and in all that time, i've only taken a few photos with it, because i was never able to get the photos OFF my phone. for the longest time, the outgoing e-mail on my phone had been set up incorrectly (which means i couldn't e-mail the photos to myself), and i never got around to getting a usb cable, or a micro SD card adapter. so, the other day, i finally asked adam to help me figure out my e-mail problem, because i have been dying to use my phone's camera more often. within minutes he had determined the problem, and fixed the issue. then, on top of THAT, my mom gave me a new 2GB microSD card, with adapter, for xmas! so, now i can REALLY shoot with my phone when i'm on-the-go!

so, here's some of my favorite camera phone photos from the past year

this was the very first image i took on the phone

lucy took this one of me in the car.

classic lucy pose!

i wish i took this one with my 5d, because i love everything about it...except for the low megapixels!

this one has been my phone's background wallpaper since it was taken

and finally, this was the last photo taken in 2008. it was taken new years eve at my in-law's house

my new goal will be to take at least 1 photo with my phone whenever i leave the house! (assuming i don't accidentally forget it at home)

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