Saturday, January 3

samsung's new AMAZING CAMERA phone

Saturday, January 3

so, after posting yesterday about my camera phone, it got me wondering about other camera phones currently on the market.

for comparison purposes: my camera phone has 2.0MP, which is about standard for mosts camera phones. i'm pretty sure the iphone is also at 2.0MP, and the new HTC phones stepped it up to 3.2MP. but, on a whim, i thought it would be fun to google "10MP camera phone". i doubted the existence of such a technological beast, but low and behold, i found a link to samsung's new 8MP camera phone!! at first i thought it was a spoof or something, but upon further investigation it turns out that it actually DOES exist, and it also seems to be a pretty RAD smartphone!

here is the Samsung i8510 INNOV8. as you can see the camera side looks like a high end point and shoot!

well, reading more about the phone, i got giddy with excitement! because, how awesome would it be to have a phone + high quality point and shoot in one?!? pretty awesome, right? stomach dropped when i saw the price tag.

are you ready for this?

$700 for 8GB model, and $800 for 16GB model!

i'm sorry, but to me, that seems even more excessively expensive than an apple product!!! for THAT price i could get the new HTC 3.2MP camera phone, a totally rad 10MP-12MP point and shoot, and some memory cards to boot!

but, i still gotta admit that's MIGHTY impressive that they've been able to merge such a high quality camera into a phone. who knows, maybe in a few years there will be SLR camera phones! ha ha, i'd pay just to SEE that!

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