Monday, January 5

makin' popcorn

Monday, January 5

last night was the last free night before school starts again for lucy on tuesday morning. so, we fired up the fireplace, and popped up some popcorn.

adam tried to play a little trust exercise with lucy, but he couldn't convince her to fall backwards from the stool.

so, she jumped into his arms instead.

i love everything about these pics of adam and lucy!

stovetop popcorn is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE kind of popcorn!!!

and what was elliot doing while we were in the kitchen? sleeping, of course.

well, it's back to the ol' routine tomorrow morning, but it was nice to have one last night to stay up late!

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Sherah said...

Those pictures of Lucy and Adam are absolutely precious... and yes, stovetop popcorn is hands down the BEST!!

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