Thursday, May 22

new apparel store at

Thursday, May 22

i thought it would be fun to design some cute t-shirts and apparel. i started an online shop using, but currently that only has the bride apparel.

there are still more than need to be added to the store, but these are some of the ideas i have so far.

bridal apparel:

bride ringer (front)bride hoodie (front) bride tracksuit (front)mother of the bride (front) flower girl (front)

all bridal apparel can be found here: Marcia Tumminaro Photography Bridal Store

logo tees:

logo-pink (front) logo-pink (front)

all logo apparel can be found here:Marcia Tumminaro Photography Logo Store


organic (front) think (front)

think green (front) tree hugger (front)

canvas bags:

canvas bag #1 canvas bag #2

i'm still making more tees and things. so check back at the cafepress store often!

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Nicola said...

OMG!! These are SOOOOOO cute!! I'm going to pick some up when I get married. They'll be perfect to wear at the bachelorette party, and for preparation shots before the wedding! SUPERB idea, Marcia!

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