Tuesday, August 10

arlington race track portraits: david and heather

Tuesday, August 10

david and heather were married in vegas, and are friends of some my amazing and fun past clients: j.r. and jessica! so when heather called me to ask if i would photograph the reception they were planning here for local family and friends i was stoked...until I realized that i was already booked for that day! :( so, after i sadly told her i would not be able to celebrate with them, heather said, you know what...let's do a trash the dress style portrait session! my frown turned upside down in approximately 0.3 seconds, and i became stoked once more!!!

we decided to start the session at the park across the street from their apartment

definitely a favorite of mine!

this was when they were telling me about how they met (gk2gk), which got us talking about all stuff geek including WoW, EVE, gaming, and my own personal addiction to the scott pilgrim comics/movie! we probably could have stayed there talking for hours...but we decided we should get on with picture makin'.

after a little while in the park, we made our way to arlington race track, where we had full access to the entire grounds...and a tour guide to take us to the best spots!!!  the first place we went to was the stables.  i'm pretty sure they were laughing at my don't-kneel-in-poop stance, because even though the ground was hosed down...there were still a few horse leftovers we had to watch out for.

this is the GRAND STAIRWAY.  and when jeff (our arlington race track tour guide) told us we should check out the grand stairway, he wasn't kidding on the GRAND part!!

THIS.  IS.  MY.  FAVORITE!!!  i saw this, and my jaw dropped!!!  heather looks undeniably, phenomenally, flawless!!!  i think every woman deserves a picture like this of herself!!!

before the session, heather warned me that david has a tendency to have the same bright big smile in every photograph of him, to the point where he often times looks "photoshopped" in.  he really does have a great, big smile, and it's even greater when it's nice and relaxed like this!

this was a landmine of...horse leftovers.  they were trying very hard to tread with care!

if you go to a horse race, you MUST have a proper fancy-lady hat!!  heather's was a perfect choice!!


it's no secret that i'm a sucker for viney walls!!

david and heather, i'm so glad i got to spend a few hours getting to know you two!! i had so much fun! i hope you guys have a BLAST at your reception this saturday!!!!!!

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