Friday, October 24

james + jessica's wedding

Friday, October 24

were do i begin?  i first met james (a.k.a J.R.) and jessica about a year ago when they booked me.  i was able to get to know them and work with them a little at their engagment session.  the whole time i was with them, i noticed that there was something familiar about jessica that i just couldn't put my finger on, until i was going through their engagement photos.  jessica looks almost identical to one of my good friends that i've known since grade school!  but, regardless of who she looks like, j.r. and jessica are an amazing couple, and they threw an AMAZING wedding!  they booked their dj from one of my FAVORITE dj companies: toast and jam with dj kristin marks.  j.r. and jessica's taste of music is VERY similar to my own, and i have to admit that towards the end i started dancing and singing along with everyone else!!  (there are just some songs that i can't resist!!)  anyway, it was so much fun, and i am so glad they chose me as their photographer!

here are some pics from their beautiful fall wedding:

this is definitely in my top 10 favorite wedding dress pics of all time!

i loved the fall theme of the wedding!  (sorry again jessica for ribbon incident!!)

can you believe those shadows?  grated balcony wall + great light = AWESOMENESS!!!

jessica has such flawless skin!  and her makeup is always PERFECTO!!!

more shadows on the balcony.  jessica, you're gorgeous!!

can you believe the eyes on this one??

husband and wife!!!!  congratulations!!

one of my favs!!  i LOOOOOOOOVED jessica's veil!  

hug it out!

ok, funny/awesome story!!  during the reception, j.r., jessica and i went outside for some quick bride/groom pics.  jessica jokingly said that she wanted a milkshake from oberwiess across the street.  i turned around, saw that it was super close, and said "LET'S GO!  it'll be a great photo op!"  so...we did! was!

while everyone was dancing, i glanced over and these two were just sitting playing with a cell phone.  so i had to grab a pic!

this one gives me warm fuzzies, they are so adoreable!!

i had such a great time, that i had to take a picture with the bride and groom!!!

james and jessica, thank you again!  and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

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