Monday, October 27

marty + sherah having fun in BELVIDERE!

Monday, October 27

when i first offered the free sessions for couples willing to travel to belvidere, sherah was the very first to contact me!  i photographed her and marty's wedding back in march, and if you remember...they are one of THE most ADOREABLE couples EVER!!!!

well, this session brought with it a little (or BIG) bonus!  sherah informed me that she had ulterior motives for wanting a session with me, and that was that she had begun the process of starting her OWN photography business.  well, when she said that, i just about jumped out of my chair with excitement!!  so we e-mailed like schoolgirls back and forth, and when we met up for our session, i invited her to 2nd shoot with me at my next wedding in december!

well, long story short, i had SO much fun at our session, then back home processing the photos.  i really wanted to do some experimentation with textures and other post production effects.  i'm really happy and excited with the outcome, and i hope everyone likes it too!

here's a link to their session website:

i told you i experimented with some textures...

get used to sherah's infectious laugh, because you're about to see a LOT of it!  : )

this was one of my favs from this series!

as we were walking, i spotted this bright blue wall, and decided we had to go there.  we decided this would be a good time for sherah and i to get some solo shots of marty.  check out those guns!!  (sorry ladies, he's taken.)

and there's sherah taking some pics of her one and only.

ok, sherah, get back in there with your hubby!  (there's that infectious laugh again!  doesn't it just make you smile?)

another spot we HAD to check out was the sweet shop...mostly cause these two are TOO SWEET!

i think at this point, they were telling each other jokes to make each other laugh.  they were silly, but they worked!

for anyone who doubts these locations are in belvidere, here's proof of our location...

this was probably the scariest part of the session, because i totally felt like this staircase was going to fall down!  but, marty took a look and assured us it was safe.

if you can look at a picture of these two, and NOT smile...then something's wrong!

don't you love the way marty is always lovingly looking at her?

i LOVE this one!!

of all the textures i experimented with, this one is my FAVORITE!!

can you feel the love?

ok, sherah has got some HOTTT legs...and some hot new shoes!

sherah suggested this one, and might i say GOOD CALL!

for anyone wondering what's up with the "g" in the background, their last name starts with G, so, yeah, i'm a cheeseball, and i'm ok with that.

marty and sherah, you two are too cute for words, and thanks SO much for driving all the way out to my neck of the woods!  and sherah...i'm so stoked to work with you soon!

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CZ said...

Great job! I enjoyed looking at your photographs. PS...I'm Sherah's cousin.

Sherah said...

Thanks Marcia! You're the best!! :)

Erin said...

These pictures are so beautiful! Loved every single one! I'm Sherah's cousin too. And you're right, she does have a great laugh! (AND hot legs!) WHOO! Quite a lady! Those pics of Marty by himself were awesome! But I think my favorite one was the one outside the bakery. :) Great job capturing the love between these two! Beautiful!

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