Wednesday, July 21

a fresh new office in the making...

Wednesday, July 21

when we first bought our place, this huge office space was immediately claimed by adam. it had average looking carpet, boring wood trim, and plain white walls. adam used that as his office for a few years, before we finally decided that it need a serious makeover!

so, we pulled up the carpet, and i got to work painting all the trim white, and the walls a yummy caramel-ey, mocha-ish color. after the walls were painted, we put down that black moisture barrier, and brought down the brand new flooring to give it a few days to acclimate to the room. those few days are almost up, so we're about to start installing the floors.

now that i can see how amazing this office is going to look, i've decided to move in...and i guess i'll let adam share it with me! ;)

it's definitely a work-in-progress, but check out how it looks so far...

i am totally IN LOVE with that ledge wall. the possibilities of what i can do with it are endless!!! in fact, i've decided that my desk will be on the window wall where i'll have loads of light and function!

and here's a close up of the new flooring we'll be putting in.

with a new space, new furniture will be greatly needed! so, i've decided to keep with the clean lines and go with a brand new desk:

and cabinet:

i can't wait until all our hard work has paid off, and we can work and relax in our brand new shared office!!!! :)

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