Wednesday, August 25

what do i do now?

Wednesday, August 25

for anyone who hasn't read my recent facebook posts, last week was lucy's first day of 1st grade, and today was elliot's first day of pre-elementary (a.k.a. pre-school).

enjoy your daily dose of cute:

lucy on her first day of school last week...

lucy with her julius gear...

"ok mom, are we done?  can we go to the bus stop now?"

this morning, after i got lucy to the bus stop, i came back inside and finished getting elliot ready...

elliot's school makes these bags for the pre-elementary kids with pictures of things that start with the same letter at their name. that way, if they can't read their name, they can at least recognize their picture. well, when lucy was there, her name was "lucy lollipop". after she found out her school name, she started giving out names to everyone, ("daddy dog" and "christopher crab"). and the name she picked for elliot? ELLIOT EGG!!! she picked that name for him 2 years ago, and it just so happens to be his school name this year!!! when i saw his picture, i nearly died laughing!!!

so, after i drove 30 minutes to drop elliot off this morning, i had this moment of "ok...uh...what now?" you see, when lucy went to pre-school, elliot and i would sometimes stay in town to kill time, or we'd go back home and just hang out for an hour before going back to pick her up. but this morning, i didn't want to go back to an empty house just yet, so i drove up to target and walked around (and checked out the home section, since i am in total HOME REDECORATE mode.)  i have to admit that i felt really weird walking around without a shopping cart...all by myself.   and everywhere i looked i was reminded of lucy and elliot, because the whole store was filled with moms and their kids! 

even though i don't feel old enough to admit it...the truth is i am the mother of school kids!  watching elliot walk into the school without me, was such a strange feeling.  and when i picked him up, it seemed like he had completely grown up in the 3 hours he was there!  the good news...HE LOVED IT!!!  he had SUCH a great time!  and that was a huge sigh of relief for me!  i mean, the whole drive home, i was practically jumping out of the seat, smiling and laughing as elliot was describing his first day!

now i just have to figure out what to do with myself while the kids are at school!

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