Friday, August 27

jasmine star on creativelive: photographer's dream workshop!!!

Friday, August 27

picture, if you will, a 14-year-old marcia, with long blond hair, hormonally unbalanced complexion, fresh from her 8th grade "graduation", as she sits down to plan out her class schedule for her first year of high school...probably wearing the same t-shirt and jeans that still hangs in her closet.  ok, lame as that picture is, i wanted to paint it for a reason, because that was when i chose the class that would impact my entire life!  i was looking through all the electives available for freshmen that year, and the first class that caught my eye was "Discovering Photography" with Ms. Zappia!  I convinced a few of my friends to take the class with me, and we signed up!  i'd love to be able to say (queue the dramatic music) "from the moment i stepped into the dark room, i felt like i was HOME!", but in reality, I was a snotty little freshman goofing off with my friends while having fun with a camera.  i mean, don't get me wrong, i DID fall in love with photography...but as a student in that class, i'm sure my friends and i drove my poor teacher CRAZY!!!  so, after maturing (slightly) over summer vacation, i signed up for "Photography 1-2", and this time i didn't do it with my friends.  this time i just did it for me, and that was when photography started to shift for me from "my fun goof off class" to "i can't wait to see what we do in that class today!!!"  needless to say, i kept taking photography classes until my senior year, and the things i learned from Ms. Zappia still resonate with me today!

the reason for this sudden trip down memory lane, you ask?  because for the past couple days, i have been COMPLETELY engrossed in creativeLIVE's 5-day online course featuring jasmine star!  this workshop/online course is any photographers dream come TRUE!!!  and while i was watching it, i found myself taking notes, and it felt like i was back in Ms. Zappia's class learning new and amazing things with wide eyes and an open mind!!  

for anyone who isn't familiar with the rockstars of photography, this girl went from law school in 2005 to being (arguably) one of the world's best wedding photographers in 2010! for the past 2 days, she has given a presentation, answered questions, and even did a LIVE first look/bride groom portraits (with today's happy couple: laura and billy). and today, she will be photographing laura and billy's REAL wedding LIVE for anyone with a computer to see!!!! and while i was watching this course via uSTREAM and creativeLIVE, i started to get really, honestly, and truly emotional! for starters, jasmine is phenomenal in front of the camera! she's gorgeous, she's informative, she's charismatic, the list goes on and on! second, jasmine doesn't HAVE to be doing this! she could easily ride out her photography days, taking amazing photographs, and having all of us wondering..."HOW does she DO that???" and lastly, as i was watching and listening, i began thinking about my own love of photography, and how finding this one thing, this ONE thing in your life that's mine, something that drives me, something that moves me to tears, something that without it would make me feel like an empty shell of a person, is a rare thing to be able to find! not everyone gets to find that thing, and not everyone realizes when they HAVE found it. now i'm not going to sit here and pretend that photography has been a happy go-lucky joy ride for me. i've had my high moments, but i have also had no shortage of my failures and lowest lows! i think all those things combined plus the desire to CONTINUE is what makes me KNOW that THIS is my passion!

ok, grabbing a tissue and getting off my soap box now.

anyway, this creativeLIVE course has been amazing and i can't wait to watch her in ACTION today!  as with everything in life, there is always something new to learn about photography!  thanks to jasmine, i am feeling truly inspired for this weekend's wedding!

so, THANK, THANK, THANK YOU creativeLIVE, jasmine star, laura & billy, and everyone else who helped make it happen!

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