Friday, April 29

maternity leave info

Friday, April 29


I would like to announce that I will be taking a short maternity leave from wedding photography during my pregnancy.  I will still be making appointments and booking weddings that are planned for the 2012 wedding season.  I will also keep two 2011 openings available, one for November, and one for December.  Openings for 2012 will be limited, so that I can maintain a balance of family and photography.  If you are planning your 2012 wedding, I would suggest that you book now before spots fill up.

Additionally, I will continue to photograph portrait sessions during my pregnancy (since they are shorter and more relaxed).  That includes engagement sessions for weddings booked for 2012, as well.  And EXTRA excitement for maternity sessions!  (Who knows what you're going through more than a preggo photog?)

I thank everyone so much for their continued support and understanding through this exciting time in my family's lives! 


now that the disclaimer stuff is out of the way, here's the low-down...i decided early on in the pregnancy that i would not be booking weddings while pregnant.  mainly for the fact that, having done this twice before i know what's in store for me over the 9-month period...

for starters...i'm a dead-tired log for the first trimester, which means i spend every free second sleeping, napping, and/or complaining about how tired and icky i feel for 3 months straight.

then...i have a limited burst of energy during my second trimester, which means i am a motivated POWERHOUSE, and capable of doing most of the baby-getting-ready things for a very short 2-3 month period.

finally..i am HUGE AS A HOUSE in my third trimester, which means, i waddle like a penguin when i walk, get swollen ankles, and am all around cranky and impatient to be NOT pregnant so i can get my body back to normal (and meet the new baby, of course)

so, the thought of photographing an 8-10 hour wedding while in any of these states...makes me a wee bit nervous (to say the least).  especially considering how much stuff we still have to do/get/make/fix/buy for baby #3's arrival!  (we donated just about everything from lucy and elliot's baby days, and what we didn't donate ended up broken and in the garbage, or is out-of-date with current standards).  so, my to do list for this summer has been a MILE long, to say the least.  not to mention my "nesting instinct" that has make me OBSESSED with wanting to sell our house and move into a new one closer to family.  an instinct that i knew would also go along with me when i'm pregnant, given that when i was pregnant with lucy, we bought our 1st house, and when i was pregnant with elliot we sold our 1st house (by owner), and bought our current house!  (how i orchestrated the sale of our first house along with the purchase and move into a 2nd house while pregnant still boggles my mind!)

and since a post isn't a post with a picture (or two)

see, a baby isn't the only thing i've been growing around here these days. the kids and i planted and have been tending to those seedlings for the past couple months.  we've all been patiently awaiting until the weather warms up so that we can plant them in the garden out back  and what a garden it's shaping up to be, we've got tomatoes, peppers, squash, carrots, artichokes, beans, peas, melons, onions, and so much more that i can't even remember right now.

elliot approves of the process (and also has a double-jointed "hitchhiker's thumb" like me and some other members of my family)

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