Tuesday, March 29

maternity photography: nikki, miguel, and baby ?

Tuesday, March 29


Madeline May was born on April 11, 2011 at 5:00 pm 
6 lbs 8 oz · 19.3 inches

CONGRATULATIONS to nikki and miguel!!!


the universe definitely has a sense of humor!  ever since i began my photography business (5 years ago), i've always wanted to get my feet wet with maternity photography.  when i had family members or close friends who were pregnant,  i would offer them free maternity sessions...to which they would politely turn down.  most likely for the same reasons i don't have maternity portraits of myself...not every pregnant woman feels like a beautiful goddess in their 9th month.  (i know that when i was 9 months pregnant with lucy and elliot, i felt like i was the size of a HOUSE.  and the fact that people would joke "ha ha...are you having TRIPLETS??"...didn't help either.)  but oddly enough, within a MONTH of finding out i was pregnant myself, one of my past brides, nikki, contacted me to ask about maternity photos.  i had to laugh at the coincidence of this, and rub my belly to thank the baby for being my good luck charm!

i am so glad that my first maternity session was with nikki!  not only is she an example of how a woman CAN BE a beautiful goddess while pregnant, she's also someone i genuinely feel comfortable with.  (evident by the fact that we always end up talking for hours every time we have a meeting or get together. seriously, we turn into little chatty schoolgirls, or something. it's awesome!).

the best thing, i think, about nikki's pregnancy is that they don't know the gender, so they're going to be surprised! but, not only did they want to be surprised, the little guy/girl deliberately didn't cooperate in the ultrasound, so they CAN'T know until its BIRTHday! i LOVE that!!

we decided to do the session in their soon-to-be nursery.  i loved the bright, natural feel!

oh, and did i mention that the weather acted EXACTLY like it did on nikki and miguel's wedding day? on my way over, it was pouring rain, with dark ominous clouds. i was starting to get a little worried that since we were going to be inside, in their nursery, that there wouldn't be enough light! but, after i got there and when we were finally ready to start shooting, the sun miraculously came out and lit up the nursery to perfection! (on their wedding day, it rained and rained...until it was time for outside pictures, then the sun was out and shining!)

i am a definite fan of nikki's decision for a barely-there-makeup-look!!


we did a quick wardrobe change, and invited miguel back.

nikki, i wish you the BEST WISHES for a healthy and safe delivery! i can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!! i am so, incredibly thrilled for you and miguel! and thank you so much for letting me photograph my first maternity session! i'm so, so, so glad that it was for you!!! :) :) :)

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Sherah said...

I love the light in these, Marcia. Well done!!

Marcia said...

thanks sherah!!! yeah, their nursery had 2 huge windows with white curtains (perfect for some natural bouncers)!

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