Wednesday, February 23

it was 10 years ago today...

Wednesday, February 23

today marks a very special day for adam and i.  because 10 years ago today, adam and i officially became a couple!  and of those 10 years, we have only spent ONE day apart.  our streak of seeing each other every single day came to an end this past december, when he went to go record a demo in WI with his band.  he left on saturday morning, and didn't get back home until after midnight on sunday...thus breaking our long-running streak.  (i'll admit i was a little saddened by the end of the reign)

but as meaningful as this day is to adam and i, we are adding even more meaning to today, because of this:

today was my first midwife appointment, and my first glimpse of my newest tenant!  i've been waiting almost a month to make it official on this blog, and now that i have a photo, it seemed like the perfect time!

we are so excited to add a fifth member to our family!  and i can't wait to share more photos in the months and years to come!!

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