Thursday, February 17


Thursday, February 17

we had fun things planned for elliot's birthday today, but when he came down with a fever yesterday, i knew that plans would change a bit. so...elliot wasn't able to go to school on his birthday, or share cupcakes and treats with his classmates. instead, he opened his gifts from adam and i (lego sets...his favorite), and we spent most of the day putting them all together! i baked him a cake from scratch, and even made chocolate frosting (although it ended up more like a ganache). so, the plan is now to spend a quiet evening at home, and hopefully he won't stay sick forever. :)

so, here's to 5 astounding, wondrous, sensational, extraordinary, and magical years with my favorite little guy on the planet!!!


his humble beginnings...

this was taken the day he was born, and it has remained one of my favorite photos of him, (even though it was taken with a cheapo digital point-and-shoot.)

some days i just just look at him and lucy and feel like the luckiest mommy in the whole universe!!  :)

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