Sunday, May 8

happy mother's day

Sunday, May 8

the mom-to-be in that photo was young, naive, inexperienced me when i was pregnant with lucy.  it was taken on mother's day, and i was 20 years old.  little did i know the roller coaster of motherhood that awaited me.  no, in that photo, i had purchased the ticket to the coaster, but was still waiting in line to get on the ride.  still blissfully unaware of the loops, nose-dives, and anticipatory climbs ahead.

8 years later, i'm a little older and, coincidentally, just as pregnant.  i've got a bit of weathering on me from some of the rougher bits of track, but continue to cherish every exhilarating twist and turn!  and, as i watch lucy and elliot every day, i am on pins and needles to see what they do next.  (and i can't wait to do it all over again with baby #3!)


to all the mother's out there, i sympathize, empathize, thank, and salute you!  enjoy your day, because you deserve it!!

to all the new mommies out there, try to remember to take it one day at a time, because every day with give you the skills you need to prepare you for the next.

to all the moms-to-be out there, enjoy this time in your life, because it'll be your turn soon enough!  :)

in short...

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