Wednesday, October 14

lucy, it's your birthday! happy birthday, lucy!!

Wednesday, October 14

today is lucy's birthday, and she is 6 years old. 6 YEARS old?!? 6 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

i present to you, her humble beginnings...

on sunday, we decided to head over to the pumpkin farm with some family. we went through a corn maze, saw some exotic animals at the animal farm, witnessed a pumpkin-eating-dinosaur, burned our tongues on some deliciously scalding hot apple cider, picked out a few pumpkins, and followed everything up with some insanely scrumptious apple cider donuts!! oh, how i love the pumpkin farm!!!

let the maze-ing BEGIN!

lucy was the leader, and she led us to freedom!!

i adore this shot of the three of them, walking hand-in-hand, with feet moving exactly the same!!!

ever see that animal at an animal farm??? come to think of it, i've never seen that animal anywhere!!

(even with a belt, you can't escape the inevitable elliot crack)

see what i mean about the SCALDING HOT apple cider??? if you look closely, you can see the steam rising from the cup!

after warming ourselves up with cider and donuts, we headed back to the grandparent's house to eat cake and open a few presents. adam took control of the camera, and these are a few of the images he was able to capture...

about 2 weeks before her birthday, and out of the blue, she became barbie-crazy! so, most of her presents this year were...BARBIE!!

i love this shot of lucy...well, i love every shot of lucy, but this one is definitely another keeper!

adam was trying very hard to be artistic and stealthy, he definitely gets a "A" for effort!

well, today we're planning on keeping things low key for her actual birthday. i predict she'll spend most of today playing with some of the toys she opened before school this morning. (the fact that we asked her what she wanted for dinner, letting her know she could have anything, or go anywhere in the WORLD, and she chose TACO BELL should be proof enough that we're a pretty laid-back, low-key family)


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