Tuesday, October 13

happy 1st birthday lilliana!!

Tuesday, October 13

today is lilliana's 1st birthday!!!! so i felt it was fitting to share some photos from her birthday party!

such a perfect idea for a 1st birthday candle!!! they didn't even need to light it.

i wonder what she's thinking when she makes that face.

she was very concerned about keeping her fingers clean. so, she would take a tiny bite...

then wipe her mouth using the back of her hand...

then, she just decided it was cleaner to eat without even using her hands by diving into her cupcake, face first...

the aftermath...


in addition to the cupcakes, they also had a giant cupcake-shaped CAKE! so, elliot opted for that instead.

lilliana was not exactly interested in opening her presents, so lucy and elliot decided to help out. here they are bringing our present for lilliana...

and inside the card was the DVD of the photos from our session with lilliana!


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