Thursday, October 8

lilliana grace - 1 year old!!

Thursday, October 8

lilliana grace is back, and adorable as ever! next week she turns 1 year old!!! it's hard to believe it's been a year already. (for those who don't know, lilliana is my niece, and INCREDIBLY photogenic!)

we decided to do most of the session inside and outside of their house, and on "tumminaro lane" (nicknamed as such, since there are 8 houses on the same street that are owned by individuals who all share similar DNA!!)

i love this shot of lilliana in her crib!  the light from her window was perfect!!

the colors in her room are so vibrant!

we quickly moved outside to their amazing porch!!  lilliana decided to tidy up before we began.  :)

another favorite!

she's so expressive!!!!

daddies are so good at making their daughters smile!!  her dad (aka adam's brother) was running back and forth behind us, and it was cracking her up!

from the porch we migrated to their backyard.  (isn't that the most perfect grass you've ever seen?)

the sun provided some amazing flare!

one of my favorite things, is watching little ones discover their surroundings!  a simple thing like a twig becomes something new and wondrous to a child!

oh, and since lilliana is lucy's cousin, lucy wanted to come along as my assistant to help make lilliana smile!  she was doing a great job, but when lucy saw adam's brother building a brick patio, she decided she'd rather be his assistant than mine.  :)

lilliana in a tree.  :)

another favorite!!!

she is very skilled at walking, but the grass did present her with a few challenges.  she kept falling face-first, butt-up!

lilliana with her dog, dakota!

last stop: tumminaro lane!

yet another favorite!

lilliana has some of the most gorgeous blue eyes i've ever seen...definitely a tumminaro trait!

as the sun was fading, we made our way inside grandma's house and did a quick wardrobe change into her birthday party dress.  unfortunately, i only got about 2 shots, because about 4 seconds after this shot was taken, lilliana took a little tumble and knocked her head on the table.  she was ok, but we decided to call it a day anyway. 

we'll be seeing lilliana real soon, since her birthday party is this weekend, but as always, she was an adorable subject!!!

happy 1st birthday lilliana!

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Sherah said...

She is a cutie patutie! Great job capturing her personality! :) I love the light in the backyard shots!

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