Wednesday, September 16

josh+megan: my first wedding in RAW!

Wednesday, September 16

josh and megan's wedding was filled with firsts for me. it was my first time 2nd shooting. well, technically, i was 3rd shooting, since the 2 main photographers were a husband+wife duo from rockford. nels and anna akerlund have asked me to help them out from time to time when they're booked, so josh and megan's wedding was their opportunity to see me in action for the first time. the experience, for me, was both nerve-wracking, and calming. (if that's possible). for one, i'll admit i was a little self conscious about having another photographer (who has been in the business 20 years) seeing not only my HITS...but also my misses! but, at the same time, it was nice to focus my time on the parts of the day that are my absolute FAVORITE!!! the bridal preparation...and the details!!! (and as you'll see, that's exactly what i did!)

my other first was shooting the entire wedding in RAW format. i've thought, contemplated, and wanted to do this for a while now, but i've always been worried about having enough memory cards. i mean, i shoot THOUSANDS of photos at a wedding, and shooting RAW requires dozens of cards for that kind of photographing rate! but, the benefits of shooting RAW far outweigh the cost of a few extra memory cards!!!

well, without further ado, my first wedding in RAW...

this is one of my favorite shots of megan! she has such delicately expressive eyebrows!

i saw the tri-fold mirror...and i couldn't resist!

i love how she punched her way into her dress!!!

megan looked stunning!

megan and her dad on their way to alter

this flower girl was absolutely adoreable!!

as you can see it was an autumn theme, and it was so gorgeous!

details, details, details! (ok, so i may have went a little overboard blogging all the details, but hey, it's my blog!)

nothing like a trumpeted entrance to make a girl feel like royalty!!


after the ceremony, we all made our way to sinnissippi gardens in rockford, where we were greeted by a couple swans. i made a joke that if i had control over the universe, i would get two of the swans together in front of them and have them make a heart with their necks.

i kid you ACTUALLY HAPPENED about 5 minutes after i said that!!!

p.s., but those swans SCARED the heck outta me!! every time anyone walked by them, they would make this hissing sound. apparently, they are extremely aggressive animals, which is weird that their image has been associated with love.

anyway, back to josh and megan!!!

well, since i was technically a 3rd shooter, i left shortly after arriving at the reception, for practicality reasons. but, not before i shot a couple more detail shots. the center pieces on each table were individual cakes, and i just loved the toss bouquet!

well, it was a lot of fun shooting along side other photographers. it was refreshing to see other points-of-view of approaching the day! i look forward to working with them again in the future! thanks nels and anna for letting me tag along!!!

and a big ol' CONGRATULATIONS to josh and megan!!!

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