Sunday, September 13

dave + bobbi: MARRIED!!

Sunday, September 13

i've known dave and bobbi for 3-4 years now...because dave is my sister-in-law's BROTHER! (dave's sister is adam's older brother's wife...and the mother of the adorable lilliana grace! and if you managed to follow that description give yourself a cookie!!) so, when i got the call that they wanted to hire me as their photographer, i was overjoyed!! so, while this wedding was completely legit and professional, it was also a family affair...which is one reason why my sides were splitting all DAY!!! :)

we started the day at the salon so that all the girls could get their hair did...

when i saw the magazine just lying there...i just HAD to!

meet bobbi! (my sister-in-law's sister-in-law)

one of my favorites from the salon!!

after the salon, the girls and i headed back to the house..aka the ceremony site...aka the reception site. yep! they had their wedding in their own backyard!! and, it was cozy and intimate, not to mention gorgeous!!!

some details...

i was in the living room, wedding dress in hand, looking all around for a good spot to photograph it. when, through the window i spotted their gazebo, gorgeously lit, with flowers all around. it was perfect!

meet dylan! (dave and bobbi's ADORABLE son...and the ring bearer!!!)

does this little cutie look familiar? she was the flower girl.

just before she walked down the aisle...

i told you their backyard was gorgeous!! (i suggested to them that they consider renting it out for weddings and events!)


bobbi and her mom. (they were making me laugh, which was making it a little hard to keep the camera steady.)

these girls were cracking me up ALL DAY! especially bobbi's maid of honor, katy! (katy, should i be picking out winter coats or flip flops?) ;)

dave and bobbi are fans of the corpse bride, so dave MADE the topper, and decided on a topsy-turvy style wedding cake!!

lilliana and dylan are cousins, and they had some fun "dancing" together!

i have a confession...i can't resist a chocolate fountain! about 5 seconds after i grabbed this pic, i also made myself a yummy chocolate coated pretzel! they used dove you KNOW it was deeeeeeelicious!!!

first dance!

the best man must have felt a little left out, so dave had a first dance with him too. :)

check out the ladies' man!

dave's parents

after the reception was in full swing, i stepped outside, and noticed the card box set up in the gazebo. i love the shadows in this image.

to see more of their photos, click here.

dave and bobbi, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding! i had SOOO MUCH FUN!!! and i can't wait to see you guys soon for your family portrait session!!

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Gorgeous work, Marcia! I really like the detail shots from this wedding... beautiful!

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