Monday, October 19

today is the first day of the last year of adam's 20's!!

Monday, October 19

or, more simply...adam's 29th birthday! and since adam is not really a birthday kinda person, and we've spent the past 2 weekends celebrating lucy and lilliana's birthdays...we don't have much planned today.

so, instead, i wanted to share the smartest, funniest, and musically wondrous gift that lucy got for her birthday...

our family has always loved they might be giants, but now with the addition of the here come the 123's CD/DVD, that's all the kids want to watch/listen to!! they also have a here come the ABC's and their brand new release here comes science (just to name a few of their kid-friendly albums)...but we don't have those...YET!

here are some of our favorites from the album...


"one everything"

"apartment four"

"seven days of the week"

those are just a few, but, if you're a parent with smart and awesome should get "here come the 123's"...FOR SURE!!!


(and happy monday to everyone else!!)

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