Wednesday, July 29

new studio sample!

Wednesday, July 29

recently, i've been trying to update my studio samples, because most of them are YEARS and YEARS old! so, i ordered a new sample canvas print! actually, i ordered it, then i completely forgot that i ordered it, and when it arrived i was completely baffled and a good way! opening it was like opening a big birthday present. :)

this is the first canvas print that i've ordered through pictage. it's printed and assembled by simply canvas, and the quality is breathtaking!!! the colors are bright and beautiful and the canvas finish is gorgeous!

i chose a photo from mark+nicole's engagement session in belvidere, because i just LOVE the moment, i LOVE the light, and i LOVE the skin tones!

and speaking of mark+nicole, i'll be seeing them REAL soon, since their wedding is THIS WEEKEND!! so keep an eye out for their wedding posts soon.

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