Monday, April 27

mark + nicole's engagement session

Monday, April 27

this engagement session marks a new ALL TIME record for QUICKEST editing and turn around time for me!

i think the quick editing time is due, in part to a new work-flow routine i tried out for the first time, which combines david jay's showit effects platform which works seamlessly with all my photoshop actions, and adobe lightroom's sorting and quick-editing capabilities! (also, to the gorgeous sunrise light that made it easy to nail my exposures!)

well, without further ado, mark and nicole's engagement session in belvidere:

i think this is one of my favorite shots of the day!

this little area was lit so perfectly, that it made for some super creamy skin tones!

i told them to just be natural, so nicole tried to lift mark up! it was too funny!

then, mark showed her how it was done! (p.s. i LOVE this shot!!)

i LOVE the attitude in this shot! i'm pretty sure nicole watches ANTM, because she is TOTALLY smiling with her eyes!

this is one of the shots i took while i was attempting to balance on the railroad track. there's a reason why i didn't become a gymnast...i have terrible balance!

this is another one of my favs of the day

they were in a perfect spot to play around with some sun flare, but the sun wasn't exactly cooperating. it kept hiding behind the clouds, then peeking out for a minute, then it would hide again. fortunately, i did get a couple nice flare shots! i love the rainbow in this one.

and the star burst in this one

mark did a better job of balancing, than i did! (but, to be fair, the railroad track was much narrower!)

then, it was nap time...for nicole, that is. ;) seriously though, this was such a sweet moment, and nicole looks STUNNING!!

i LOVE this shot, and i'll tell you why. without knowing, or planning it, the way they are standing with their feet crossed are exact reflections of each other! it was one of those things that i didn't even notice until i started going through the images. TOO CUTE! (i think that's a sign that they are perfect for each other)

some more shots of the N M wall!

i love this moment!

i LOVE nicole's eye peeking out behind mark's profile!

to see more photos from their engagement session, click here!

i had so much fun with mark and nicole! i can't wait to photograph their wedding in august!

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Sherah said...

The second shot is my favorite! Creamy gorgeousness ;) Beautiful work!

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