Monday, May 4

matt + katie (sneak peek)

Monday, May 4

yesterday was a roller coaster of excitement, fun, and a little frustration.

the fun and excitement was my engagement session with matt and katie! the frustration was the dreaded chicago parking!!! it's the one thing i fear most when i know i have to drive to the city...PARKING! fortunately, finding a parking garage close to navy pier was the easy part, i even found a space immediately, just steps from the elevator...but i knew it must have been too good to be true, because when i walked back to my car after spending 2 amazing hours with matt and katie, it took me 30 minutes to EXIT the parking garage. first, the machine to pay for the parking ticket wouldn't accept my payment, then all the signs directing me to the exit, ended up just directing me back to the entrance. so i drove around the parking garage in circles, until a very kind stranger pointed me towards the actual exit, which was hidden through a maze of garage-door type openings. when i reached the gate, i tried once more to pay for my parking, and it still wasn't going through. so, finally the operater came out, and informed me that the credit/debit servers were down, and he gave me a free pass to exit. so...for the cost of 30 minutes of frustration, i got FREE PARKING IN CHICAGO!!! woo hoo!!

all of the parking drama aside, yesterday was so much fun! it was my first time to navy pier, and i've already started making plans to go again with the family!

while i edit the rest of photos, here's a little sneak peek...

yep...we took some shots on the beach!

more to come soon! : )

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Katie C said...

Oh - bad parking lot! Nice parking lot attendant! Thanks so much for being so good with us yesterday. I still don't know why I was so nervous. Thank goodness Matt was so calm. I am looking forward to our wedding and working with you. It is so great to find some like you to spend our day with :)

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