Wednesday, May 6

matt + katie's engagement session

Wednesday, May 6

i simply adore matt and katie. both as subjects for my camera, but more importantly as people! i can't even begin to describe the FUN we had during our session! also, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE navy pier! it's quite possibly the BEST place for a session in chicago, because of it's diverse and versatile backdrops!

this photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

it was a gorgeous day! we just HAD to hit the beach!

definitely one of my favorite backdrops of the day! those trees are insane! :)

matt and katie make each other happy!!


we took a ride on the ferris wheel! i love the simple lines and bold colors!

one of my favorites from the day! katie, you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

ok, this is another one of my favorites!!!!!!

before you say it, i know this image is out of focus. but i absolutely adore the moment that was captured!

if you'd like to see more from matt and katie's SUPER FANTASTICALLY FUN engagement session at navy pier, click here.

i will be photographing matt and katie's wedding in june, and i KNOW that we're all going to have a blast!

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denise karis said...

wow - the one with the big curve is so cool - as is the one with the buildings - Im always so nervous to pull back far but these were really inspirational - ill have to look for something wide like that on my next shoot---- cool banner too! :P

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