Monday, May 11

happy belated mother's day

Monday, May 11

i just wanted to write a quick (albeit belated) mother's day post.

i am so proud to be a mother, especially to two amazing children, like lucy and elliot! i've been busy with them the past couple days, gardening, relaxing, and receiving a multitude of drawings and paintings filled with "i love you mommy" sentiments!

i can't help but be reminded of how it was that they entered the world. both were natural, drug-free deliveries. however, lucy was delivered the doctor's way (with pain-intensifying petocin to make things move quicker so my doctor could be home for dinner, while making my pain and discomfort EXCRUCIATING!!), while elliot was delivered MY way with the support of a midwife, (no IV's, complete mobility, and much less painful)! i'm a HUGE advocate for natural childbirth, and i highly recommend it to any woman who is, or planning on becoming pregnant!

in honor of my experience, my mother's experience, and my grandmother's experience (and so on), i wanted to share one of my favorite documentaries of all time, "the business of being born" produced by ricki lake:

here's to all the mother's out there...happy belated mother's day!

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