Saturday, April 25

mark+nicole (sneak peek)

Saturday, April 25

today i woke up at 5:30 a.m. so that i could meet nicole and mark for their engagement session in belvidere! i'll be editing their photos over the next several days, but until i'm finished, i just wanted to share a quick image, because it was one we were super lucky to set up!

on our way to our last stop, we went through this little alley/tunnel. there was a mural on the wall, along with some writing. as i was scanning the letters, i mentioned "we should try find an N and an M together", before i could even finish my sentence, nicole pointed out this N and M. (oddly enough is was RIGHT in front of my face, and i didn't even notice it). i can't believe how perfectly sized and spaced it was. it's almost as if the people who painted it knew that nicole and mark were going to have their engagement session and pass by it! ;)

although we were all a little sleepy, (waking up for sunrise will do that to you), i am very excited to go through all the photos, because i know we got some good shots!

more photos on the way. for now, i'm going to take a nap, and get prepped for tomorrow...(it's adam and my wedding anniversary!)

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