Tuesday, July 21

cheap 50mm lens

Tuesday, July 21

about 2 years ago, while i was trying to build up my lens collection, yet still lacking the funds to incorporate a complete l-series line-up, i was tricked into buying one of THE cheapest lenses i have ever seen. i wanted a 50mm, but didn't have the $1,500 (or so) for the f/1.2, so i picked up the 50mm f/1.8 for (get this) $78.00! (told you it was cheap!). i used it for a few weddings with my very old, and long-since retired rebel xt. the term "you get what you pay for" was an understatement with this one, but it did serve it's purpose with it's wide aperture for a few low-light situations.

nowadays, i keep the f/1.8 hidden at home most of the time like an unloved stepchild. but, for kicks, i decided i would use it on my 5d for the first time ever, because lucy was begging me to take some pictures of her. (i'll be honest though, putting a cheap lens on a high-end camera felt a little like putting keds on a botticelli statue).

once i started taking pics of lucy, of course elliot HAD to jump in, exclaiming "ME NEXT, MY TURN, ME NEXT!!!"

well, i think the 5d's high quality may have minimized the limited quality of the lens, because the results were actually quite nice, i thought! perhaps, i won't leave the f/1.8 home, alone, and collecting dust next time. maybe, just maybe, i'll actually start using it again...that is until i pick up the f/1.2. then, i'm sorry, but it'll be GOOOOOOODNIGHT NURSE!

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