Friday, April 10

this should be REAL!!

Friday, April 10

i LOVE google analytics!

currently, i have google analytics set up for my blog and website to track where visitors are coming from when they find my blog and main site. (also to track how many page views and visits.)

well, thanks to this ability, i saw that one of the referring links is from jaime's livejournal. so i checked it out. (her friends had some really great things to say about their engagement photos, which completely MADE MY DAY!!!!) but, not only that, jaime had a link to a fan-made movie trailer that a word: AWESOME!!

i just wish (as she does) that it was a REAL movie. adam, lucy, elliot, and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the thundercats! (lucy does the cutest "thunder, thunder, thundercats HOOOOOOO!" and "eye of thundera, give me site beyond site!")

anyway, without further ado, i will show you this MASTERPIECE that SHOULD TOTALLY BE FILMED AND RELEASED RIGHT NOW!!!

first of all, kudos definitely goes out to the fan that made that, because the quality is excellent, and the editing is phenomenal.

but secondly, doesn't that LOOK like it would be an awesome movie? we'd go see it!

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