Saturday, April 11

studio hunting

Saturday, April 11

for those who noticed my twitter post the other day, i've spent the past few days writing a business plan, so that i can apply for a small business loan and move into a new studio space! (this is something i've been preparing for since i first started my business.)

so, in an effort to make the most realistic financial plan, i decided i should shop around to see what kind of spaces are available and at what prices.

the obvious choice was to check out downtown belvidere. for 2 reasons:

1) i LOVE the atmosphere in downtown belvidere! the buildings are so charmingly photogenic! and it's a mix between urban and small town appeal!
2) it's close to my home! (always a PLUS!)

anywho, so i took a walk down my favorite street, and noticed 2 practically perfect buildings for lease/sale that have the exact look and feel that i want for my studio! as per usual, i had my trusty camera phone to take some snapshots of the buildings...

this was the first building i saw:
PROS: great windows, large space, unique curb appeal
CONS: only for lease...not sale (preferably, i think it would be a better investment to buy a building), there's a small step when you walk up to the door that i KNOW i will trip over at least 100 times a day!

this photo was taken through the window:

here's the second building that caught my eye:
PROS: i LOVE the curb appeal, again...great windows and large space, corner building, for sale AND/OR lease, newer looking interior with nicer flooring
CONS: load-bearing beams...only because i don't know how i would arrange the space with them. but who knows, maybe they'd end up being helpful

this photo was also taken through the window:

i know it's a little premature to start studio hunting, but, i don't's FUN!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Are there apartments above the "studio" spaces?


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