Monday, April 13

adam, the camera bandit!

Monday, April 13

yesterday, while having some good ol' fashioned family fun, adam decided to play photographer for a while. so, he picked up my camera and documented some of the day's events.

here are some of HIS shots!

i'm pretty sure i was talking with my parents about some serious business

until i realized adam was taking photos of me

due to adam's short attention span, he started taking photos of one of the cupcake topper bunny rings

then, adam moved to the basement where his brothers were playing pool. here's his youngest brother, ryan, planning out his next move. (for not knowing how to set the camera in manual mode, and without a camera flash, adam did a pretty good job with this shot!)

what's a family get together without a little elliot [almost] crack? actually, his butt crack was showing all day, so it's kind of ironic that it wasn't showing in this shot!

now, i did take some photos, myself, yesterday, but i thought i'd just show off adam's today! who knows, maybe one day he'll become my second shooter! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Where's my fancy logo?

marcia tumminaro said...

good idea! if i make a logo for you, do you promise to learn what ISO means?

Cyndy said...

Adam's fancy logo with Marcia's signature flower? This I've GOT to see. Hey, Marcia, what can you do with a logo with DIESEL?

Cyndy said...

Adam, you did good!

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