Thursday, April 9

spirit week

Thursday, April 9

this week was spirit week at lucy's school, and tuesday was "WACKY HAIR DAY"!!

here are a few images i shot while she was eating breakfast before school...

it reminded me of dr. seuss! (and her outfit was so colorful! she wore that hot pink dress with stripey leggings, and cute brown shiny shoes)

this was her way of trying to get me to stop taking pictures so we could leave for school!

well, today was the last day of spirit week (because there's no school tomorrow), and it was "CLASH DAY". unfortunately, i didn't have time to get a pic of lucy's outfit before i took her to clashes so bad...but in a good way!! (she wore a brown short sleeve shirt with a purple argyle pattern, red plaid skirt, stripped leggings, gray hoodie, and mis-matched shoes! SOOOOO ADOREABLE!!)

i hear the weather is going to be AWESOME tomorrow, so i'm thinking it'll be a great day to spend some time outside...FINALLY!

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Cyndy said...

Love the hair and she's still beautiful! Of course, why shouldn't she be?? I was thinking of Dr Seuss too and then I read your comment!

Love you both - Mom/G'ma Grass

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


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