Thursday, March 19

first look!

Thursday, March 19

for the bride's out there who are in the process of planning their special day, i wanted to share a little bit of advice!

consider planning for a "first look"!

"what is a first look", you ask?

a "first look" is a brief portrait session before the ceremony on your wedding day.

now, i know what you're going to say "but, it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!!"

to that, i will respond with a brief history lesson! back in the day (hundreds of years ago!), marriage was more of a business transaction than the uniting of two lovers. (and the bride was the legal tender) fathers would, in essence, sell their daughters in an attempt to gain land, or favor with another father of the groom-to-be. so, as added insurance that the groom-to-be wouldn't flee from the alter, the bride was kept hidden from him...just in case he didn't like what he saw. this insurance policy turned into tradition, and then superstition.

well, times they have changed! people marry for love! well, at least MOST of them do. ;)

the benefits of a "first look"...

more time
with the bride and groom portraits out of the way, you can go directly to your cocktail hour or reception immediately after the ceremony!

less stress
by seeing each other before the ceremony, you'll feel calmer, and more relaxed. which will reduce any stress or anxiety you may have 110%!

better light
if you're planning an evening wedding, by the time the ceremony is over the available natural light may be limited, or worse, non existent! and natural light is by FAR the MOST flattering!

so, i know what you're thinking "wow, marcia! this sounds awesome! but, how does it work?"

well, i'm glad you asked! the goal is to keep all the built up excitement and suspense by getting ready in separate locations. then, before the ceremony, when you are both dressed and looking FAB-U-LOUS, you'll meet and get your FIRST LOOK! my job will then be to capture those smiles, tears, giggles, hugs, and kisses! (things you wouldn't necessarily be able to do if your first look was at the alter in front of everyone.) once we're done with the first look, and relaxed bride/groom portraits, we'll get the bridal party and family/group shots out of the way, and you're off to the alter! then onto your reception to PAR-TAY!

your wedding day should be spent with your new spouse, friends, and family! and that's why i recommend a first look!

happy planning!

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Katie C said...

Thanks Marcia! This is probably what I needed to hear/read....trying to figure out how to squeeze it all in before the reception was starting to stress me out (but what doesn't).

marcia tumminaro said...

you're VERY welcome, katie!! i'm glad i could help with my "expert" advice!! portraits before the ceremony really is the best way to least in my opinion. :)

see you guys, soon.

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