Friday, March 20

school fun fair!

Friday, March 20

tonight i'm volunteering at spectrum's annual fun fair! the theme this year is renaissance. so, they've created a board of some medieval artwork (the kind with a hole cutout for your head). i'm not sure what the boards will look like, but my job will be to take photos of anyone who wants to become part of the artwork! i tore a page from "medieval times" procedures, in that i'll be taking the photos when people come in, and printing out each image while they're enjoying themselves at the fair. then, on their way out, they can pick up their photo!

i'm a little nervous using some of their borrowed lighting, because i haven't used studio lights since high school! so i'll probably show up a little early, just to give me some extra time to remember the proper way to set them up!

it should be fun times!

P.S. HAPPY SPRING!!! hooray, it's officially spring!

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