Wednesday, March 18

belvidere at sunset

Wednesday, March 18

yesterday the kids and i decided to go for a walk downtown. we stopped by the candy shop for the first time ever, then took a walk across the river and grabbed a bite at one of our favorite restaurants! when we were finished, we sat down to enjoy the gorgeous weather, beautiful sunset...and so the kids could FINALLY eat the candy they had so patiently been waiting for. it was so much fun that it was hard to leave!

lucy was playing a fun game of "run around the big clock!"

elliot enjoying his candy. (who knew you could get a bag full of sixlets for $0.90?)

i LOVE little moments like these! (did i mention that the light was gorgeous? because it WAS!!!)

the sun had just gone behind the buildings behind us

"i can open it myself. i'm a BIG girl! did you forget that, silly mommy?"

i definitely think we'll be having more frequent trips to downtown belvidere! who knows, maybe some day i'll be able to lease out some studio space there!

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