Tuesday, March 10


Tuesday, March 10

ok party people, i'm a little bummed right now. last month i placed an order for a brand spankin new sample album. cool enough, right?

well, a couple days after i placed the print and binding order, somehow an additional album print(without binding) order was placed...which i was 100% unaware of, and did not place.

i got an email from pictage a few days ago saying that my order was shipped! i following the tracking number, and anxiously awaited my new sample album...(still unaware of this second album print page order.) when i picked up the box, i knew something must have been wrong because it was much too light for an album, plus, the size was a little off. but i opened it anyway, thinking that maybe it was just my imagination. as i teared the shipping tape off with great anticipation, my heart fell to the ground when i saw that it was NOT a new sample album! it was only the unbound pages of the album.

i quickly picked up the phone and called pictage. they explained how the album order was placed, and still processing, but that this was a second album page print order. i told the courteous pictage employee that i did not place that order. so, she told me to hold while she spoke to her supervisor to figure out what we can do from here. after a while of phone silence, she returned and told me that i can send it back for a full credit to my account. i hung up the phone, relieved and satisfied...

until i realized that this error will now cost me shipping and handling costs in order to rectify. i suppose it is a small price to pay, but i'm still bummed that something that shouldn't have even happened in the first place is now my fiscal responsibility! but...i guess pictage will have to eat the costs of printing the pages, and shipping it to me...so maybe we'll both have paid the price for this mistake.

oh well! what's done is done, i guess. i'll probably ship it back tomorrow, and then hopefully get my album in another month or so!

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