Monday, March 9

we have an xbox down. i repeat, xbox down!

Monday, March 9

boo! our xbox is currently non-responsive.

now, from a gaming standpoint, this isn't really a problem, since we don't use it for gaming that much. but it's still an inconvenience, since it's linked with our netflix account, allowing access to zillions of on-demand netflix instant movies, not to mention the fact that it is linked to adam's computer which also has zillions of movies and tv shows there! additionally, this makes watching DVD's out of the question, since we've been using it as a DVD player ever since our old DVD player broke!

we'll probably have to send the xbox in for repairs, but since it's out of warranty that's an additional expense! until then, maybe i'll go out an buy a wii! (just kidding, adam! but we will get a wii...someday!)

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