Wednesday, March 4

blue, green, or gray?

Wednesday, March 4

so, elliot was taking his bath tonight, and i think he has the eyes of a camelion! most of the time his eyes are this really gorgeous mild shade of blue, but sometimes they look green, while other times they look gray!

here's a bath-time pic of elliot and his ever-changing eyes! (they look a little green/gray in this one.)

what do you think?

also: i am super stoked about my recent pictage order!! after showing clients the same samples for the past 1-2 years, i've finally ordered a NEW sample album! (which means my current one will be retired to my brother...since the album is of the photos i took at HIS wedding 3 years ago.) it'll be another 5-6 weeks or so before i get it...but i'm still really excited!!

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Sherah said...

Gah! What a sweetie-patutie! Yup, his eyes look gray to me, too.

I love this shot; he kind of looks like the Gerber baby! So precious :)

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