Tuesday, March 3

happy b-day g.g.!

Tuesday, March 3

today is adam's grandma's birthday, (or as lucy and elliot call her "G.G." - for Great Grandma).

adam's grandma is probably one of the most amazing and inspirational women i've ever met! she is a first generation american. (her parents came over from italy.) she had 8 KIDS! (7 of them BOYS!!!). 6 out of those 8 kids still live in the same town, (3 of those kids live on the same STREET as her!) and even when her children grew up and had families of their own, she remained like a second mother to her grandkids. which only goes to show the profound impact she had on her children! not only is she the epitome of what a mother should be, she is one of the few people i have met in my life who seems GENUINELY happy! nothing ever bothers her. i've never heard her yell or scream at anyone, or put anyone down. and she always seems able to diffuse conflict rather quickly.

well, today is her birthday! and since we couldn't make it over to their house today, lucy and elliot performed a special little surprise for her.

this is from lucy:

this is from elliot:


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