Monday, February 9

valentine's day ideas

Monday, February 9

that day of LOVE is fast approaching. so, what do you plan or get your sweetheart at the last minute...without making it LOOK like you planned it or got it as the last minute?

here are some v-day ideas.

#1: forget the chocolates and flowers! give your sweetie something beautiful, edible, AND healthy with an edible arrangement! you can order online and have it delivered! i simply LOVE these things! they are beautiful bouquets of fresh fruit, cut and arranged to look like flowers! AND, if you still want to satisfy your sweetie's sweet tooth, you can have some of the fruit dipped in chocolate! YUMMMMMMMMY!

#2: mix-tape v2.0! if your honey is a music junkie, why not pick them up a zune (or ipod). then, fill it with songs that show your little love bug how much they mean to you! it's romantic...but also AWESOME because you just got them a new ZUNE!!! (or ipod)

#3: if jewelry is your love's delight, keep in mind their style and taste. take a quick look through their jewelry box to get a sampling, if you need to. then try to find something that fits their style, but has a touch of yours to give the piece more meaning. and if your doing some engagement ring shopping, discretely grab one of her rings (one that fits her ring finger), so that you can bring it with you for size. there's nothing worse than being engaged with your ring in the shop! (TRUE STORY: adam proposed to me on v-day, but didn't know my ring size, and got a ring that was too big! so, i had to take it in to get re-sized and it took a couple weeks! the wait felt SOOO long, and i was so sad!)

#4: DATE NIGHT v2.0! dinner and a movie is so BLAH! so, instead, why not do something a little more romantic and/or unique! for starters, expensive restaurants can seem romantic, but they're not very intimate. so why not put together a picnic, or prepare a home cooked candle lit meal.

you'll need something to do before/after your meal, so here are some date night ideas...
-visit a zoo, planetarium, or botanic garden
-go to a pool hall, bowling alley or ice skating rink
-play in the snow and build a snowman (or a snow-fort to cuddle in)
-hide romantic love notes around the house, with clues for your sweetie to find the next one. (my dad did this for my mom when they were in college...she still has all the letters and clues!)
-go to a wine tasting, museum, or aquarium
-or, think of an activity that is totally YOU, but requires the two of you to interact and/or exchange ideas...because those are the times when 2 people bond the MOST!

well, i guess i'm outta last minute ideas! the most important thing to remember is that girls don't really care what they get for valentines day, they just want to see that a lot of thought and heart went into it!! so, if you follow that rule, and keep that in mind, it won't matter how much you spend, or how big the gift is, your lady will swooon at your feet!

good luck!!

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Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Oh! I got a Edible Arrangement yesterday. It was the first one (picture) but dipped in chocolate. It was the best thing ever!!

marcia tumminaro said...

well, then you are one lucky lady!!

i LOVE edible arrangements! if i could, i would order one for myself EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! :)

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