Sunday, February 8


Sunday, February 8

lucy and i went to a roller rink yesterday with one of lucy's friends and her mom. it was the first time lucy has ever been on real roller skates, and for the first 20 minutes, she just held my hand. then, thanks to the "chicken dance", lucy let go, and started to skate on her own. it wasn't long before she got the hang of it, and was flying around the rink. luckily i had my "trusty" camera phone to capture the action.
(i say "trusty" in that i always have it with me, but it can really only take a decent picture if i'm in perfect lighting, and if everything is 100% motionless. needless to say, since we were all on roller skates, in a dimly lit roller rink, the photos are very dark and blurry! i still like them, though!)

this was probably the LEAST blurry of all the photos, and one of my favs!

they had put the black lights on, which made it even HARDER to get a good pic with my camera phone! i still like this image, though.

lucy's friend took a little tumble, but her mommy was right there to help her up again, and she never stopped smiling!

this was definitely the MOST blurry of all the photos i took, but i still like it! : )

here's a little clip i captured with my camera phone of her in action:

yesterday DEFINITELY cemented my thoughts that i need a GOOD portable point and shoot camera! one that produces a higher quality image, has manual setting options, and can fit neatly in my pocket, with NO camera bag! i think i'm going to go pick up this one just as soon as i can!

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Sherah said...

Roller skating is so much fun! And I really like what you did with your camera phone shots; you definitely made it work! I've been dying to get a decent point and shoot... my current one is 5 years old, and about two inches thick. I think it's maybe 4mp (which, at the time, was totally amazing). Funny how things change :)

matt sloan said...

so cute!

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