Friday, February 20

UGH!!!!!!!! not THIS again!

Friday, February 20

well, if you've been reading my blog for the past week, then i'm sure you're probably getting sick of all the sick posts! but, i'm gonna have to add another log to the fire, because elliot now has (drum roll please) pink eye! the kids had their yearly physical today, and elliot had woken up with some gunky eyes. their doctor took one look at him, and said "yep! pink eye." i picked up the nearly $80 miniature bottle of medicine, and dreaded the idea of having to drop it into his eye.

little known fact: pink eye is MOST contagious in the 24 hours following the first application of the eye drops. (i did not know that!)

i really hope this is my last post about ANYONE in my family being sick and/or going to the doctor for at LEAST 6 months. (longer if possible!)

ok, i need something happy to end on. hmmmmm...KUMQUATS!! i picked up some kumquats the other day (on a whim), and found out that i LOVE kumquats! and so does adam! KUMQUATS ARE TASTY...and in season! plus, they make me feel like a giant when i eat them. like i'm 20 feet tall eating a whole orange in 1 bite! adam calls them nature's atomic warhead.

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