Thursday, February 19

get well soon

Thursday, February 19

yesterday's doctor visit was definitely a relief! lucy does NOT have fifths disease, she also does NOT have strep throat! HOORAY! but, she DOES have fluid in her ear, as well as congestion and a nasty cough. so, lucy is home sick from school again, today.

while we're all recuperating, (including me!), here are some camera phone pics from yesterday.

one of the MANY, MANY things i love about lucy, is even when she's sick, she's still got a smile on her face!

lucy's pediatrician has officially stepped into the 21st century by putting some sweet computers in every exam room! and according to the nurse, they are on their way to becoming 100% paperless!

while we were waiting for lucy's strep test results, elliot created his own little game of jumping from the book to book.

when we got home, i noticed there was something in lucy's totebag from the day before. i pulled it out, and this is what i found! it's a drawing of our family, with a blurb about someone lucy loves and why. in case you can't read it, it says "I Love... my mommy because she's so beautiful when she wears anything. Lucy." i was completely speechless, and i ran over to lucy to give her a BIG hug!!

this pic is from friday, and i totally forgot that i even took it. as i was driving, i noticed an actual remax hot air balloon in the sky. the only other time i've ever seen a remax hot air balloon is on their website as their logo! it was crazy, but awesome! (especially since it's february and oh so cold!)

stay healthy, everyone! and if you're already sick, take care of yourself and get some rest. : )

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