Wednesday, February 18

no school for lucy

Wednesday, February 18

elliot is officially 3 years old, now! (it's still so hard to believe, sometimes.)

but, lucy may have strep throat! yikes! we called the doctor this morning, and explained her symptoms to see if she had fifths disease, and if she should/shouldn't go to school. the nurse said that it didn't sound like fifths...but it DID sound like strep. and she said that lucy needs to be seen by the doctor to make sure. so, instead of driving lucy 30 minutes to school today, we'll be making the hour long trek to her pediatrician in bloomingdale. (we used to live fairly close to the doctor, but after we moved to belvidere, we decided to keep going to her, because we all ADORE her doctor! )

well, it's time to get ready for the doctor. i reeeeally hope lucy doesn't have strep! [fingers crossed].

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